The Dinosaurs are a very large part of the game. Not only do players take direct control them on the prehistoric board, but they are the primary way to score oodles of visitors to your museum. Players can hold out to fully assemble their favorite giant lizard.

Or (this is where the real magic beings) players can mix and match dinosaur parts, and create all sorts of ridiculous and illogical beasts. Assemble dinosaurs in any manner that tickles your fancy, watch out for the Tyran-dactyl!

The value of each dinosaur is a combination of the values of the fossils, and the number of pieces that match. This Tyran-go-saurus here has 5 points, and 2 matching cards, for a total of 10 points. Not bad for an abomination of nature! 

There will be 8 fully compatible ancient creatures in the final game:

  • Diplodocus

  • Triceratops

  • Velociraptor

  • Dimetrodon*

  • Gorgonopsid

  • Tyrannosaurus

  • Pterodactyl

  • Stegosaurus

We know a few of these aren't technically Dinosaurs, but In a World of Dinosaurs, Therapsids, and Pterosaurs didn't roll off the tongue quite as easily.