Alicia: Art, Triceratops fan

An artist with a desire for her own island empire, complete with dinosaurs, high speed internet, and quality beer. She's spent years as a game developer training to corrupt young minds, and now does it full time as founder of a program that brings children to the dark side of game development. Also she has red really red. Or green. Or blue. 

Pete: Design, Triceratops lover

Pete has a strong background in whimsy. He likes puppies, tap dance, and plain cheerios. He currently works in design, but really just enjoys creating things, whether it be a game, a performance piece, or a short story. He has been producing and shipping original work (from lighting fixtures to housewares) to thousands of people around the globe for the last four years.

Brian: Design, Stegosaurus backer

As a young whippersnapper, he dreamt of being a paleontologist when he grew up. Along the way, a love affair with all things “game” drove him into the games industry. After years ensuring the quality and production values on a range of games including AAA titles such as Call of Duty and Halo, Brian is proud to have finally combined two of his greatest loves, dinosaurs and games! Also, Brian is tall.

Kez: Art, treats all dinosaurs as equals

Writing a bio can be stressful, and Kez likes to draw. Wheeee!