oon, you will find yourself in charge of a small-but-brave team of scientist explorers in a battle of wits with one to three opposing teams of equally cunning intellectual  adventurers.

These two to four teams will race to claim territory, cutting their way through bug infested jungle on a quest to discover the fossilized remnants of ancient beasts dotting the isle. 

As you assemble these fossils *ahem* IF you assemble these fossils, you send them off to a greedy museum on the mainland where children will be charged several weeks of allowance to view the old dusty bones. The better your fossils, the more kids cough up their milk money. We’ll keep track of this money using a system we call points. Earn enough of these points, and you will be crowned the victor! You brave paleontologist, you. 

“But Mr. About Page,” you’re probably wondering, “how in the world do all of these fossils get on the island?”

Well luckily for you, you’re not the first person to ask! As your paleontologists  are traipsing about the jungle looking for bones, you will also be controlling the destiny of herds of dinosaurs on the very same island, 300 million years in the past. 

As these giant (yet fragile) creatures stumble around the island, they will succumb to tar pits, landslides, meteors, hunger, temptation, and all sorts of other devilish prehistoric traps. As they die, their bones appear on the island of the future, ready to be excavated.

“Wait, that doesn’t make sense,” you might be thinking. “If this truly is in the past, wouldn’t all of the bones be present at the beginning of the game?”

And to that, I say you have already asked too many questions. So, onward!

Grab your pick axe, put on some coffee, prep your interns, and prepare for adventure on the government’s dollar in a world of dinosaurs!